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Reynir Björnsson 3de78b1113 Update to dream.1.0.0~alpha4
- Dream.path is deprecated. For now the deprecation is suppressed.

- Remove unused dream_svg.

- Remove datadir global. The datadir variable is in scope already, and
  global variables were removed in alpha3.

- Dream_tar.tar_response: flush before closing. It's unclear if this is

- Change Builder_web.add_routes to Builder_web.routes returning a list
  of routes, and in Builder_web_app construct the router.

- Builder_web.not_found is removed due to changes in Dream.router. It
  seems an error handler might be the way forward.
1 year ago
migrations Update to caqti 1.8.0 1 year ago
visualizations Builder-viz: Changed sharing-stats to be based on direct deps instead of transitive 1 year ago Update to caqti 1.8.0 1 year ago Fixed that cachedir should default to being relative to given datadir 1 year ago Update to dream.1.0.0~alpha4 1 year ago
dune builder-db: add extract-build command 2 years ago